Perception of Complex Tastes Smells


David Laing
Academic Press
Complexity of Natural Mixtures and Their Perception: G. Epple, A. Belcher, K.L. Greenfield, I. K*auuderling, K. Nordstrom, and A.B. Smith III, Scent Mixtures Used as Social Signals in Two Primates Species: Saguinus Fuscicollis and Saguinus O. Oedipus. W.E.S. Carr, H.G. Trapido-Rosenthal, and R.A. Gleeson, Stimulants of Feeding Behavior in Marine Organisms: Receptor and Perireceptor Events Provide Insight into Mechanisms of Mixture Interactions. Physiology of Mixture Perception: R.J. O'Connell and R.P. Akers, Responses of Insect Olfactory Receptor Neurons to Biologically Relevant Mixtures. C.D. Derby, M.-N. Girardot, P.C. Daniel, and J.B. Fine-Levy, Olfactory Discrimination of Mixtures: Behavioral, Electrophysiological, and Theoretical Studies Using the Spiny Lobster Panulirus argus. J. Atema, P. Borroni, B. Johnson, R. Voigt, and L. Handrich, Adaptation and Mixture Interactions in Chemoreceptor Cells: Mechanisms for Diversity and Contrast Enhancement. B.W. Ache, Central and Peripheral Bases for Mixture Suppression in Olfaction: A Crustacean Model. J.G. Brand, B.P. Bryant, D.L. Kalinoski, and R.H. Cagan, Receptor Site Specificity in Taste and Implications for Mixture Reception. M.E. Frank, Processing of Mixtures of Stimuli with Different Tastes by Primary Mammalian Taste Neurons. D.V. Smith, Neural and Behavioral Mechanisms of Taste Mixture Perception in Mammals. Human Perception of Mixtures: M.D. Rabin and W.S. Cain, Attention and Learning in the Perception of Odor Mixtures. D.G. Laing, The Role of Physicochemical and Neural Factors in the Perception of Odor Mixtures. P. Laffort, Models for Describing Intensity Interaction in Odor Mixtures: A Reappraisal. J.H.A. Kroeze, Is Taste Mixture Suppression a Peripheral or Central Event? J.E.R. Frijters and C. De Graaf, Modeling Taste Mixture Interactions in Equiratio Mixtures. R.L. McBride, Three Models for Taste Mixtures. Interactions of the Chemical Senses: D.E. Hornung and M.P. Enns, Separating the Contributions of Smells and Tastes in Flavor Perception. H.T. Lawless and D.A. Stevens, Mixtures of Oral Chemical Irritants.

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