Management Accounting: World Class


Ralph Adler
ButterHeinem HS
Understand how to integrate management accounting into your TQM and JIT systems * Learn how to use Value Added Accounting to make better strategic decisions * Find out how to use advanced costing techniques to correctly price products and services * Trace the development of modern best practice back to the breakthrough insights of the field's leading experts Every modern company now has to compete in a market environment that is becoming ever faster, more complex and competitive. Management accounting must respond to these changes, otherwise its risks becoming irrelevant to real business needs. This book demonstrates how the discipline can raise itself up to a new level of performance, allowing it to cope with challenges such as flexible manufacturing systems, flatter and leaner organisations, strategic alliances and globalisation. It explains how cutting edge management accounting techniques can transform a firm's operations and prospects, enabling it to become the best of the best. By describing the contributions made by leading practitioners and experts, it shows how their original insights have developed into modern best practice. Its comprehensive overview includes areas such as quality (Deming, Juran, Crosby and Taguchi), advanced costing (Walker, Cooper and Kaplan), economic value (Stern and Rappaport) and performance measurement (Drucker, Kaplan and Norton). The reader will learn how world class organisations use Value Added Accounting to cost their products and services, create an information infrastructure for JIT and TQM, make strategic decisions and carry out evaluations of their employees, divisions and investments

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