Accounting and Finance for Your Small Business, 2nd Edition


Steven M. Bragg, E. James Burton
John Wiley
Allowing readers to gain a more detailed understanding of the financial underpinnings of their businesses, Accounting and Finance for Your Small Business, Second Edition provides the key accounting and finance tools that a small business owner needs to operate and analyze the operations of his business. First, readers can use it to gain control over operations by showing how to build and follow a system of budgets. Second, author Stephen Bragg shows them how to anticipate and counteract future cash flow problems. Third, the book points out common techniques for analyzing the business, which can be used to spot specific areas in need of improvement. Finally, it specifies different types of financial reporting required of a business: to governments, creditors, investors, and management. Accounting and Finance for Your Small Business, Second Edition is not detailed accounting advice, but rather situational analysis of how to create a budget, analyze cash flow, obtain financing, and use basic analyses to obtain an understanding of the financial health of an enterprise.

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