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The latest trends in the UK's health are covered in Health Statistics Quarterly (HSQ), a sister publication to Population Trends. Published in February, May, August and November, it presents current information in an easy to read format, beginning with an overview of the latest news, and a review of related publications for release. It contains commentary on the latest health findings, topical articles illustrated with colour charts and diagrams, and regularly updated statistical graphs and tables. It also highlights trends in health, and details the latest quarterly information on deaths, childhood mortality, cancer survival, abortions, congenital anomalies and morbidity.

This issue includes coverage of:
- The effect of the introduction of ICD-10 on cancer mortality trends in England and Wales. Includesan examination of the Government's target of reducting mortality rates from malignant cancers for those aged under 75. - Anita Brock, Clare Griffiths and Cleo Rooney
- Fatal toxicity of antidepressants in England and Wales, 1993 - 2002. - Oliver Morgan, Clare Griffiths and Azeem Majeed
- Trends in live births by mother's country of birth and other factors affecting low birthweight in England and Wales, 1983-2001. 11.4million birth records from registration data in England and Wales from 1983 to 2001 were used. - Alex Collingwood Bakeo
- Trends in live births and birthweight by social class, marital status and mother's age, 1976-2000. Traces variation of social class of father and marital status. Also describes trends in the percentage of births that were multiple. Birthweight data is presented from 1983 to 2000. - Joanne Maher and Alison Macfarlane

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